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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
19-Oct-2018Musculoskeletal symptoms in nursing students: concept analysisFirmino, C. F; Sousa, L.M.M.; Marques, J.M.; Antunes, A.V.; Marques, F. M.; Simões, C.
18-Oct-2018Association between stress/anxiety, depression, pain and quality of life in people with chronic kidney disease.Sousa, L.M.M.; Valentim, O.S.; Marques-Vieira, C.M.A.; Antunes, A.V.; Severino, S.S.P.; José, H.M.G.
18-Oct-2018Humor intervention in the nurse-patient interaction.Sousa, L.M.M.; Marques-Vieira, C. M.A.; Antunes, A.V.; Frade, F.; Severino, S.S.P; Valentim, O.S.
13-Sep-2018Implementation process of “Engaging Clients Who Use Substances” guideline in a nursing school curriculum.Valentim, O.S.; Nogueira, M.J.; Sousa, L.M.M.; Antunes, A.V.; Severino, S.S.P; Ferreira, A.; Gens, L.; Godinho, L.
18-Oct-2018Stress, anxiety and depression in portuguese nursing students.Firmino, C. F; Valentim, O.S.; Sousa, L.M.M.; Antunes, A.V.; Marques, F.; Simões, C.
13-Sep-2018Prevalence of musculoskeletal symptoms in nursing studentsFirmino, C. F; Sousa, L.M.M.; Marques, J.M.; Frade, F.; Antunes, A.V.; Marques, F.M.; Simões, C.
13-Sep-2018RNAO’s Best Practice Guidelines in the nursing curriculum – implementation update.Antunes, A.V.; Valentim, O.S.; Pereira, F.; Frade, F.; Firmino, C. F; Marques, J.M.; Nogueira, M.J.; Sousa, L.M.M.
13-Sep-2018Prevalence of childhood obesity.Frade, F.; Marques, J. M; Sousa, L.M.M.; Santos, M.J.; Pereira, F.; Carteiro, D.; Frade, J.M.G.
13-Sep-2018Validation of the nursing diagnosis risk for falls in elderlyMarques-Vieira, C.M.A.; Sousa, L.M.M.; Costa, D.; Mendes, C.; Sousa, Lisete; Caldeira, S.
Aug-2018Avaliação da qualidade de vida em estudantes do curso de licenciatura em enfermagemFirmino, C. F; Sousa, L.M.M.; Antunes, A. Vanessa; Valentim, O. S.; Marques, F. M.; Simões, C.