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Title: Humor intervention in the nurse-patient interaction.
Authors: Sousa, L.M.M.
Marques-Vieira, C. M.A.
Antunes, A.V.
Frade, F.
Severino, S.S.P
Valentim, O.S.
Keywords: Nurse-Patient Relations
Wit and Humor as subject
Issue Date: 18-Oct-2018
Citation: Sousa, L.M.M, Marques-Vieira, C.M.A., Antunes, A. V., Frade, F., Severino, S.P.S., Valentim, O. M.M.S. (2018, Outubro). Humor intervention in the nurse-patient interaction. Abstracts Book of the 3rd World Conference on Qualitative Research. (2), 111-112. ISBN: 978-972-8914-89-9
Abstract: The aim of this study is to describe the factors that influence the use of humor in nursing care, its applicability and benefits. Method: A scoping review was performed using the Arksey and O'Mally methodology. Articles published between 2008 and 2018 were search on the platforms EBSCO Host, Virtual Health Library and Google Scholar. From the initial 465 articles found, 17 were included for final revision. Results: Data allowed to retrieve information on humor definition; its applicability as a nursing intervention; humor as a tool to improve nurse-patient communication and relationship; influence factors; type of humor interventions; humor benefits in health care context; and limitations and precautions of humor intervention. Conclusion: The use of humor promotes both communication and human interaction; it promotes well-being; helps dealing/coping with difficult and unpleasant situations, reduce tension, discomfort and stress; and strengthen the immune system. This intervention should be used with caution.
ISSN: 978-972-8914-89-9
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