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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008. Mudança Global e Desenvolvimento. Economia, ambiente e conflitosLourenço, Nelson; Russo Machado, Carlos
2004The challenge of sustainable ecosystem development in Cachoeira catchment (South Bahia, Brazil)Russo Machado, Carlos; Reisdorff, Christoph; Duriavig, Marco
2007Understanding territorial dynamics in coastal areasLourenço, Nelson; Russo Machado, Carlos
1999Socio-economic analysis on land-use change studiesLourenço, Nelson; Jorge, Rosário; Russo Machado, Carlos
2000An integrated methodology of biophysical and socio-economic dimensions to understand land-use change processes in coastal areasLourenço, Nelson; Jorge, Rosário; Russo Machado, Carlos; Rodrigues, Luís
2002As Dimensões Motivacionais e Estruturais de Incêndios FlorestaisLourenço, Nelson; Craveiro, João Lutas; Jorge, Rosário; Rodrigues, Luís; Russo Machado, Carlos; Mariz, Anabela; Fernambuco, Ana
2006Social Issues in Water Management in the Mediterranean CountriesLourenço, Nelson; Russo Machado, Carlos; Rodrigues, Luís
1998What is happening in Rural Marginal areas in Europe? Alcoutim, an example in Southern PortugalPinto Correia, Teresa; Lourenço, Nelson; Jorge, Rosário; Russo Machado, Carlos
2004O futuro projecto nuclear Land: investigação integrada do sistema homem-ambiente terrestreLourenço, Nelson; Russo Machado, Carlos
2004Decision support system for sustainable ecosystem management in atlantic rain forest rural areasRusso Machado, Carlos; Jacinto, José João