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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Mar-2019Vaccination nursing records: importance for monitoring the health of populationsFrade, João Manuel Graça; Henriques, Carolina Miguel Graça; Frade, Maria de Fátima Graça
Sep-2018Education and implementation of resuscitation–Where are we standing in Portugal?Caldeira, P.; Santos, N.; Amaral, T.; Benedito, R.; Vasconcelos, P.; Gaibino, N.; Fernandes, I.; Santos, M.
21-Sep-2017Qualidade de vida e pessoa com doença renal crónica: um estudo transversalSousa, Luís M. M.; Antunes, Ana Vanessa; Marques-Vieira, Cristina M.A.; Valentim, Olga Sousa; José, Helena M. G.
Oct-2018Applying the WHO International Classification ofFunctioning, Disability and Health in Nursing Assessment of Population HealthGómez-Salgado, Juan; Jacobsohn, Lia; Frade, Fátima; Romero-Martin, Macarena; Ruiz-Frutos, Carlos
18-Oct-2018Humor intervention in the nurse-patient interaction.Sousa, L.M.M.; Marques-Vieira, C. M.A.; Antunes, A.V.; Frade, F.; Severino, S.S.P; Valentim, O.S.
13-Sep-2018Validation of the nursing diagnosis risk for falls in elderlyMarques-Vieira, C.M.A.; Sousa, L.M.M.; Costa, D.; Mendes, C.; Sousa, Lisete; Caldeira, S.
13-Sep-2018Validation of the nursing diagnosis of impaired walking in elderlyMarques-Vieira, C.M.A.; Sousa, L.M.M.; Costa, D.; Mendes, C.; Sousa, Lisete; Caldeira, S.
Dec-2022Telerehabilitation in the Transitional Care of Patients with Sequelae Associated with COVID‐19: Perception of Portuguese NursesReis, Neuza; Dias, Maria José Costa; Sousa, Luís; Agostinho, Inês; Ricco, Miguel Toscano; Henriques, Maria Adriana; Baixinho, Cristina Lavareda
Jul-2023Nursing students’ perceptions of spiritual needs at the end of life. A qualitative studyGarcía-Navarro, E. Begõna; García-Navarro, Sonia; José, Helena; Sousa, Luís; Cáceres-Titos, Maria José; Ortega-Galan, Ángela
Mar-2018Validation of the multidimensional sense of humor scale in people with chronic kidney diseaseSousa, Luís Manuel Mota Sousa; Marques-Vieira, Cristina Maria Alves; Severino, Sandy Silva; Pozo-Rosado, Juan Luis; Antunes, A. Vanessa; José, Helena M. G.