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Title: Towards a Multilingual Ontology for Ontology-driven Content Mining in Social Web Sites
Authors: Chaves, Marcirio
Trojahn, Cássia
Keywords: ontology
social semantic web
Issue Date: 7-Nov-2010
Publisher: Proceedings of the ISWC 2010 Workshops, Volume I, 1st International Workshop on Cross-Cultural and Cross-Lingual Aspects of the Semantic Web
Abstract: Social SemanticWeb aims at combining approaches and technologies from both Social and Semantic Web. While Social Web sites provide a rich source of unstructured processing very limited, Semantic Web aims at giving a welldefined meaning to the Web information, facilitating its sharing and processing. Multilinguality is an emergent aspect to be considered in Social Semantic Web and its realization is highly dependent on the development of multilingual ontologies. This paper presents Hontology, a multilingual ontology for the hotel domain. Hontology has been proposed in the context of a framework for ontology-driven mining of Social Web sites content. Comments are annotated with concepts of Hontology, which are labeled in three different languages. This approach facilitates the task of comments mining, helping managers in their decision-making process.
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