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Title: Use of Augmented Reality in the furniture industry
Authors: Carvalho, Elizabeth, Simão
Maçães, Gustavo
Brito, Paulo
Varajão, Isabel
Sousa, Nuno
Keywords: augmented reality
computer graphics
software reusability
Issue Date: Nov-2011
Publisher: First Experiment@ Int. Conference (’11), Lisboa, Portugal
Abstract: The architects conceive the interior visual aspect of a house based on sketches and drawings. These drawing schemes are perfectly understandable by technicians that are responsible for their implementation, but to the client, most of the time, they seem somewhat unrealistic and ungraspable in terms of visual model. This issue is especially sensitive when the inner components are actually pieces of different kinds of furniture and other decoration stuff. The ideal situation should be to offer the client a preview of what is designed to decorate his home and even better, to be able in real-time, to make changes in some of the design details and previewing the results. The VRINMOTION is a configurable and modular platform that has been developed to solve this gap between the designer’s and the client’s visual models. It offers an immersive preview of the interior decoration, customizable to the spatial real world visualization area having Augmented Reality (AR) as its technological background.
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