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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1996Ground- and excited-state properties of some naphthoflavyliumsElhabiri, Mourad; Figueiredo, Paulo; George, Florian; Cornard, Jean-Paul; Fougerousse, André; Merlin, Jean-Claude; Brouillard, Raymond
2010The Visible Flavonoids or Anthocyanins: From Research to ApplicationsBrouillard, Raymond; Chassaing, Stefan; Isorez, Géraldine; Kueny-Stotz, Marie; Figueiredo, Paulo
2011Própolis: um "medicamento" fabricado pelas abelhas?Alves, Andreia; Lopes, Ana Catarina; Gonçalves, Margarida; Duarte, Paula; Figueiredo, Paulo; Mendes, Benilde
2011Actividade antiradicalar de fluidos biológicos humanos: plasma e leiteCorreia, Filipa; Tavares, Mariana; Maia, Susana; Gonçalves, Margarida; Duarte, Paula; Marques, Cristina; Figueiredo, Paulo; Mendes, Benilde
1999New features of intramolecular copigmentation by acylated anthocyaninsFigueiredo, Paulo; George, Florian; Tatsuzawa, Fumi; Toki, Kenjiro; Saito, Norio; Brouillard, Raymond
19973’-(beta-D-Glycopyranosyloxy)flavylium Ions: Synthesis and Investigation of Their Properties in Aqueous Solution. Hydrogen Bonding as a Mean of Colour VariationEl Hajji, Hakima; Dangles, Olivier; Figueiredo, Paulo; Brouillard, Raymond
1996NEW ASPECTS OF ANTHOCYANIN COMPLEXATION. INTRAMOLECULAR COPIGMENTATION AS A MEANS FOR COLOUR LOSS?Figueiredo, Paulo; Elhabiri, Mourad; Toki, Kenjiro; Saito, Norio; Dangles, Olivier; Brouillard, Raymond
1997Anthocyanin–aluminium and –gallium complexes in aqueous solutionElhabiri, Mourad; Figueiredo, Paulo; Toki, Kenjiro; Saito, Norio; Brouillard, Raymond
1999Malvin Z-chalcone: An unexpected new open cavity for the ferric cationGeorge, Florian; Figueiredo, Paulo; Brouillard, Raymond
1995A Convenient Method for Conversion of Flavonols into AnthocyaninsElhabiri, Mourad; Figueiredo, Paulo; Fougerousse, André; Brouillard, Raymond