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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1998Farming strategies and land use in Southern Portugal: land abandonment or extensification of the traditional systems?Lourenço, Nelson; Pinto Correia, Teresa; Jorge, Rosário; Russo Machado, Carlos
Jun-1998Margem Financeira Sustentável em PortugalPiriquito Costa, José Manuel
1996Ground- and excited-state properties of some naphthoflavyliumsElhabiri, Mourad; Figueiredo, Paulo; George, Florian; Cornard, Jean-Paul; Fougerousse, André; Merlin, Jean-Claude; Brouillard, Raymond
1991Violência na SociedadeLourenço, Nelson
1996NEW ASPECTS OF ANTHOCYANIN COMPLEXATION. INTRAMOLECULAR COPIGMENTATION AS A MEANS FOR COLOUR LOSS?Figueiredo, Paulo; Elhabiri, Mourad; Toki, Kenjiro; Saito, Norio; Dangles, Olivier; Brouillard, Raymond
1997Anthocyanin–aluminium and –gallium complexes in aqueous solutionElhabiri, Mourad; Figueiredo, Paulo; Toki, Kenjiro; Saito, Norio; Brouillard, Raymond
1999New features of intramolecular copigmentation by acylated anthocyaninsFigueiredo, Paulo; George, Florian; Tatsuzawa, Fumi; Toki, Kenjiro; Saito, Norio; Brouillard, Raymond
1999Malvin Z-chalcone: An unexpected new open cavity for the ferric cationGeorge, Florian; Figueiredo, Paulo; Brouillard, Raymond
1992Representações da Violência. Percepção social do grau, da frequência, das causas e das medidas para diminuir a violência em PortugalLourenço, Nelson; Lisboa, Manuel
Jun-1998Álgebra Linear e Geometria Analítica - Problemas e ExercíciosMonteiro, António; Pinto, Gonçalo